Creative benefits strategies for today’s innovators.




Client Discovery & 
Goal Affirmation
Small Business Benefits Review

Creating a strategy that takes the bite out of the benefits renewal decision process.  And we remain available to help throughout the plan year.

Enterprise Corporate Benefits Analysis


Learn what’s working and what’s not and make changes to position your benefits program well for the future and gain a comprehensive and impressive benefits portfolio.

Corporate Communications


We’ll tailor compliant employee benefits communications for open enrollment and intermittent reminders as payroll stuffers.  And whatever else you need. (Some services included. Large projects are fee-based).

HR & Compliance Support


Free access to real HR answers; up-to-date, compliant employee handbooks, free premium-only plan and so much more.  Real tools for real HR people.

Done-For-You Implementation &
Open Enrollment


Via our technology-with-a-human-touch paperless approach, we drive your implementation and renewal process in collaboration with you. Think about how great it would be to have a team of licensed benefits professionals educate and enroll your employees, bird-dog stragglers and walk new hires through the benefits for you, collect all forms and email them to you.

International Coverage


When you or your employees will be working out of a vibrant major non-U. S. city, we’ve got everyone covered.


Comprehensive Marketing Comparison & Analysis
Benefits Benchmarking Analysis


How do your organization’s benefits stack up to those offered by others in your industry? Download these checklists to compare:

Employee Benefit Broker Comparison

Broker Services Comparison Chart

Pre-Renewal Planning


A simple timeline with everyone’s input goes a long way to keeping team members on track to a successful renewal.

Market Comparison Review


We’ll discuss employee survey results, any changes in company finances and demographics, market trends and opportunities.


Final Purchase & Benefit Launch


We'll provide our recommendations on a benefit plan that fits your company and our reasoning behind it.

Centers of Influence


If you need help in an area I think another expert can better address, I’ll tell you and make a referral to a business resource I value and whom you can trust.

Benefits Enrollment


Our team of licensed benefits professionals will guide your employees through the benefit enrollment process.

Ongoing Service


We remain in your corner long after the benefits are launched.  Simply reach out when we may be of assistance to you.


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